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  1. Fr4nsson

    Discussion PG Patrol is not kicking transcodes

    I have it deployed but its not kicking transcodes, if i start a transcode and then check with: sudo systemctl status pgpatrol It displays this: mar 08 14:39:05 laptop-N550JK[8571]: 2019-03-08 14:39:05,840 - INFO mar 08 14:39:05 laptop-N550JK[8571]: 2019-03-08 14:39:05,859...
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  3. Fr4nsson

    Discussion Indirect connection, docker portforwarding? <SOLVED>

    I've been trying for about 7 hours to get my plex server to go from indirect to direct connection, i had no problem on windows but then i reformatted and installed Linux because i wanted to try out plexguide and now i cant get a direct connection, is it because of docker? it gives me another IP...