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    Solved PG Shield not working for all containers

    Hi, Today i upgraded to version 7.7.7 to try out the new PG Shield feature. With most containers its working just fine. But have found I get a Not authorized error that looks like its from traefik with the following containers: Netdata Deluge tautulli lidarr I think these containers are...
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    Discussion PGMove with Encryption issues

    Hi, today i upgraded to 7.4.11 from 7.3 Re-deployed PG Move using the new PG Clone menu (Good job btw, a lot easier than dealing with rclone) After this I noticed plex can no longer see the content in google drive. Checking the server i have found that if i go to /mnt/gcrypt and cd to the...
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    Traefik.toml help

    Hi, I am trying to setup the unifi container but am having some problems getting it to work with Traefik When I go to its subdomain I get a Internal Server error, if I go to its external port the web page works fine. The error is caused by a self...
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    plexguide menu takes ages to load

    So I noticed a few days ago when typing the plexguide command to bring up the menus it started to take a while. It has since gotten worse and now takes 30+ mins if at all. Note sure if anyone else has come across this. I would like to run a full backup and then restore on a new server. Is...
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    Discussion Encryption question

    So I just started uploading my media to gdrive a few days unencrypted. I was just wondering in the future if I decide I want to go the encrypted route, is it possible to swap and then encrypt everything that has already been uploaded? Or do you have to start again with a fresh install? Thanks
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    Hi All

    Hi All, So I found out about plexguide a few days ago. So decided to spend today testing it out on a cheap VPS. All I can say is wow, it makes things so easy to setup and works really well. I currently run a plex at home running on a server using VMware, with a nas as the storage. At the...