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    Importing content crashes radarr

    Hello Im running local PG server with Radarr/Sonarr and NZBGet with my data on my tdrive. I ran into some issues with radarr and thinking I did something to break it I built a completely new VM. Sonarr imports and update my TV shows library however when I try importing anything into radarr it...
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    Discussion Slow uploads to tdrive on VPN

    I've done some searching and haven't seen anything like this. I have a few different VPN accounts. I'm using PGBlitz to upload into my TDrive but when I connect my box to my VPNs I'm only getting 1.5mb up. I disable the VPN and I get @20mb. I'm using ExpressVPN and PIA with the same results...
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    Discussion New install and I have questions

    Good evening everyone. I've been running a local Plex server for many years and over the past year started using Plexguide to deploy my utilities (radarr/Sonarr/nzbget) but I've always kept my plex on a completely separate VM. I'm playing around with moving my data into my Gdrive to test and...
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    Discussion UnionFS <SOLVED>

    So Ive been running plexguide multi HD on my home esx environment. I used the unionfs to mount all my nas volumes and it's been working fine until the recent updates to PG. I no longer have the option in the menu for mounts or anything. Now it appears my files are moving properly after...
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    Discussion Old School to Plex new to Plexguide

    Hello all! I've been using plex for many years and just found out about Plexguide. Awesome stuff BTW! My setup is 3 local NAS devices and a small ESX cluster. I'm currently running Ubuntu 18.04 with my NAS devices mounts to my plex vm via CIFS share. If I'm understanding correctly to use...