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    Discussion pgui took port 80

    Hi. Mates, As I checked in Portainer, PGUI is taking Port 80 which supposed to be 8555 as both external / internal port, therefore I can't able to launch Traefik which needs Port 443 / 80, any idea to fix? I already uninstalled and redeployed PGUI already, but still. Please see the attachment...
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    Discussion Traefik deploy error..

    When I deploy Traefik, I found below error and deployment has FAILED too.. Could you pls suggest me how to fix? fatal: []: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "msg": "Error starting container a8bce1b28f9661e2f5d560caf92ffe401376bb55467f52f5c3ac117a4fbad3f8: 500 Server Error: Internal Server...
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    Discussion Can't deploy Traefik.. Please help..

    Hi. I have a domain from GoDaddy which I already replaced Name Servers with CloudFlare ones. Now in CloudFlare, it is saying my domain is active and protected by CloudFlare. However, whenever I tried deploy Traefik, it is showing the error and can't able to deploy. Is there any additional steps...