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  1. iDoMnCi

    Discussion Is there a way to not allow MPEGTS as transcode container?

    Hello, I am curious if there is a way to configure PMS to never use MPEGTS as a container when transcoding MKV to MPEGTS. Thanks!
  2. iDoMnCi

    Discussion Seeking Guidance for TDrive to TDrive w/ Encryption

    As stated in my topic I’m trying to set up a way to backup my TDRIVE to another TDRIVE on a different GSUITE account. I currently use encryption with pass and salt. I would like to set up a GCE to copy from TDRIVE(1) to TDRIVE(2) but in the process I would like to change the encryption. The...
  3. iDoMnCi

    Invites Looking for OMGWTFNZBS and drunkenslug invites please!

    Looking for OMGWTFNZBS and drunkenslug invites please! Anyone have invites to either? I don't have much to share, just IPT invites.