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    Chat torrenting/upploader/tdrive

    Hello, is there anyone that have the actuall torrents on tdrive? How is your setup? I did try to let rutorrent to download direct to /nmt/tdrive That did not work at all :(
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    Discussion Gdrive - 5 user to get unlimited plan?

    I think so to... Just need to move everything over xD
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    Discussion Gdrive - 5 user to get unlimited plan?

    "You need 5 users at 10$/month each, so it costs 50$/month to have unlimited drive space. Less than 5 users you get 1 tb per user. " I have read that some guys have this, but still have unlitited drive space. I have 14TB home storage and either I need to buy a new 10TB hdd or move my library to...
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    Discussion Traefik Process Failed... Have setup everyting right..

    I have tried to re launch the traefik like 3 times, my ports on my Netgear firewall are open. I can acces appache 2 on my old plex server that are not on atm. (diffrent HDD to the server). what am Im doing wrong? PGui says: 1. Warning: Traefik deployed with ports open! Server at risk for...