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    Discussion Permission Denied

    Anyway you could change the Docker image to the official source? As the source included with PGBlitz Is outdated.
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    Discussion Permission Denied

    ever since switching to a dedicated server a few months ago I've been unable to use xTeve. I get permission denied errors. I could not set it up with a m3u playlist via url because of permission errors. I had to use terminal to move the m3u file to the location with the "su" command. because I...
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    Discussion Plex Accessible.

    I hope this is the right category. I recently migrated my server to NOCIX Hosting. Its Overall Pretty Good But Its On & Off Non Accessible From I can however access it directly from the IP address. and traefik, pgshield, etc all work accessibly. its just Plex applications bounce back...
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    Discussion Docker Accessing PlexGuide

    I use PlexGuide on my Ubuntu 18.04 server. Works great for plex and stuff.. I also use Fuse but I use that for uploading to google drive. I’ve noticed a few issues I’ve had since switching to cloud. I’m having trouble getting programs to access it the same as a drive. Some just outright refuse...