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    Radarr - Won't search/add

    That’s good. I wondered myself.
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    Discussion Still stuck in /mnt/move

    could be both. For pg9, Admin mentioned an overhaul of the upload system
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    Discussion Auto mount when server reboot

    No, the script mounts it perm so it does after reboot. What kind of box do you have?
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    Discussion Cloudflare Cache

    I’m just tracking the graphs cloud flare provides
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    How to download files easily from server?

    Use cloud commander
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    Discussion How to quickly re-launch GCE?

    When you run low, back it up completely. Once done, use another account to get another gce and restore. I’m on my 3rd account.
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    Invites Please

    any luck? Was looking myself.
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    Guides error using ffmpeg to convert mkv to mp4

    I have not used it, but aware that on their Version 9, they are testing on each app. You may have to contact the author about the container.
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    NZBGET Downloads - running out of HDD on 2TB. Is this typical?

    So pgblitz does not download to youur computer to take up space. The HD setup is tricky. I go with the cloud to uncomplicate everything. Why it’s taking up vps space is odd.
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    Cant seem to get PGTrakt to work.

    Ah good to know.
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    ubuntu 14.01

    I would go with 18 myself
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    Running 8.6.4 - should I upgrade?

    No, but you should look in the logs to see what's going on. @Admin9705 recommends using that site to run a test machine. Check the changelog link also.
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    Multi HD Question

    In my experience, it be storage1 because it merges it all from what I recall.
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    Shadow - Could this be the furure of computing?

    Anything with cloud written all over it doesn't seem ready to me. Google is trying their luck with gaming. I wonder if they solved latency issues.
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    Database Locked Errors

    Came across this myself in the version 2 of sonarr. no issues with v3.