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  1. watchmeexplode5

    Chat Raspberry Pi as Read Only Secondary Plex Server

    @justinglock40 I don't think the arm architecture on the Pi is compatable with plexguide.
  2. watchmeexplode5

    Chat Raspberry Pi as Read Only Secondary Plex Server

    I've run similar setups before in windows/Linux environments. I've never done it for a pi but it should be pretty painless. Simply get the pi up and running with whatever distro you want. Then install rclone (google should help with that). On your current pgblitz server go to...
  3. watchmeexplode5

    Newbie questions....

    If you want rclone and nothing else, you could simply install rclone. It's gotten really stable and hasn't resulted in api bans for a while (in my case at least). Lots of tutorials out there on how to set it up so you can google that: Here is their documentation page:
  4. watchmeexplode5

    Discussion Do you run your GCE 24/7 or shut it down?

    @ZeroFux I run a few local (and offsite) servers and haven't used VPS that much so I'm not experienced as others on this forum in that manner, but... If you are looking a remote dedicated server you could get one for <$3 a day that should be able to support personal use + friends/family...
  5. watchmeexplode5

    Discussion Do you run your GCE 24/7 or shut it down?

    Yeah, I've had similar experiences. If you can pull off a safe shutdown it seems alright but that hardly is the case. Best practice is 24/7. That ensures stability. With all the effort at making this work, it's probably more feasible to use rclone and write your own scripts and omit pgblitz...
  6. watchmeexplode5

    Discussion Do you run your GCE 24/7 or shut it down?

    If you're looking for a setup that doesn't need to be 24/7 it can be done but it's a little more complicated to setup and has some obvious drawbacks. The biggest issue is having plex instances not available when the computer is in sleep (what @Admin9705 is getting at). That means no access to...
  7. watchmeexplode5

    Elysium Servers

    @Dexxa I don't know for sure (never used them) but I assume they are just mounting their storage gdrive as read-only to the plexserver via rclone (or similar mounting solutions). You can do the same with pgblitz. I have my pgblitz running as a feeder without plex on the machine. I then have...
  8. watchmeexplode5

    Sonarr upgrade to v3

    I was able to upgrade by removing the old docker and re-installing it with the "preview" build option (installed via plexguide with the pgbox: core).
  9. watchmeexplode5

    Discussion Questions

    Can confirm that usenet release times are typically the same as private/public trackers. Many top tier encoding groups release on both private and indexers simultaneously. If there are any delays, we are talking about a matter of minutes. Automation is smoother on usenet as well and no need to...
  10. watchmeexplode5

    Mount Google drive and point Plex to directory

    Might need a little more information on what's going on. Do you have pgblitz deployed? If so, your drives will be mounted in /mnt/gdrive. A combination of your local (soon to be moved files) and gdrive files are joined in the unionfs folder (/mnt/unionfs). Common practice is to point plex to...
  11. watchmeexplode5

    Share /mnt/unionfs via samba

    On a 1000/1000 network I got speeds at ~750 on LAN via samba. Easily fast enough for multiple streams of 4k. When I mount on my windows machines directly to the gdrive via rclone I get the full 1000. I personally recommend mounting via rclone if your situation will work with it. Less...
  12. watchmeexplode5

    VM server

    I've used virtualbox, hyper-v, and unraid (KVM) for VMs running pgblitz. All have had similar performance and ran as expected. I would recommend hyper-v if you are on windows already. If you want a local NAS in addition to pgblitz then unraid is amazing.
  13. watchmeexplode5

    Discussion Mounting Rclone on secondary windows machine

    Hi guys, Long time user but first time poster. This isn't really a PGblitz problem but regards rclone (sorry if it's in the wrong sub-forum). I have PGblitz running on a local machine which is currently samba to share the union mount to a windows client (only needs read-only access). This is...