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  1. spediegun

    transferring all apps to a new machine

    I have succussfully backed up and restored all app data onto my new install of pgblitz on my new computer how ever I'm not sure what to do next to get everything up and running do I need to reinstall the apps again or does the restore feature handle all of that. because I tried opening up my...
  2. spediegun

    Services Troubleshooting Guide

    Can anyone tell me what is the new way to do this one the latest vervion of pgblitz sometimes I need to stop start and restart a service and it would be nice if I can do it in the plexguide menu I would also like to check the status of move what movie its up to the rate of transfer ect there use...
  3. spediegun

    virtual machine and hardware acceleration for pms is possible

    I have about 10 or so movies in 4K.. the collection is growing slowly I imagine by this time next year 4K will probably be the standard . The only player I have capable of playing them is a Nvidia shield so i just keep regular copies of those 4K movies as well for all others to play rather than...
  4. spediegun

    Dragon Ball Super: Broly (2018)

    Man I been searching and searching usenet everyday hoping a clear version with Japanese audio and English subs will pop up nothing yet... the closest thing I found was on YouTube in Spanish with auto generated english subs. I guess I’m too excited for it
  5. spediegun

    virtual machine and hardware acceleration for pms is possible

    hello everyone I just wanted to share this with those of you who may not already know this. If youre like me and only installed ubuntu on a vm just so that you can run plexguide and let your plex server have access to your media saved on the google drive, then you may or may not have noticed...
  6. spediegun

    Discussion Sabnzbd/sabnzbd

    Coming from v5, I Did a fresh install of v8 yesterday because I decided that running off a vm on a nuc just wasn’t cutting it so I got a dedicated Linux machine. that being said the install felt a little more difficult than the older versions did, i stumbled across the choice of...
  7. spediegun

    Discussion rclone cache

    I too am interested in this, a couple of guys over at the plex forums have already faithfully made the switch however, stability is my main concern. I'm a firm believer in if it aint broke don't fix it. and union fs and some scripts work really really well. the common complaint I'm hearing so...
  8. spediegun

    Sonarr - Configuration

    I have created a connection to plex media server so that when a new show is downloaded and added it will update the plex library. However I’m noticing that plex is updating before the show is officially in my movie folder the reason i know plex has run an update is because i would notice other...
  9. spediegun

    Beginner set up advice

    Is there a terminal command to check on the status of a move I’ve got 2 movies sitting in mnt/move/movies for 2 days but I tested a small text file and that showed up in my google drive within minutes
  10. spediegun

    Beginner set up advice

    Okay followed the guide and got through flawlessly had a small hiccup but it was my user error. I have a question about what’s the recommended way to have plex update after sonarr has added a show. Should I just make plex update when it detects a change in the movies folder or should I turn off...