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  1. H1f0x

    [Dev] Traktastic - Automated Recommendations Libaries for all Users

    Hi all, I developed something new. A lot of my friends asked me if it's possible to get some useful recommendations directly in in Plex - so i came up with this idea! First, things first - this is no Docker image so far, it's a standalone framework which is working on its own currently. To...
  2. H1f0x

    Varken - Plex Environment Dashboard

    Hi all, I've got something new for you all! Varken! It's a super awesome project i found online! It gives you the Plex dashboard you never knew you wanted! Since the official repository splits the config into 3 different containers (services) i build a new container containing all the...
  3. H1f0x

    Invites [W] usenet-4all

    Hi there, Anybody has a spare invite for usenet-all[.]pw? German newsgrourp :-) Cheers
  4. H1f0x

    Plex Omptimzed Versions

    Hi all, I have a plex issue. When i want to create Plex optimzed versions, the file is converting perfeclti until 100% but.. it cannot be saved somehow and the conversions failes :/ Any ideas.. the log is not helpfull at all. I'm guessing it has to do with the unionfs upload function :/...
  5. H1f0x

    rTorrent (ruTorrent) OpenVPN integrated

    Hi all, As promised i created a another openvpn container, this time: - Docker container for "rTorrent (with ruTorrent) OpenVPN integrated" As the name may says it already this App offers the following features: Starting and maintaining active OpenVPN connection of your choice (capable of...
  6. H1f0x

    rTorrent (FloodUI) OpenVPN integrated

    Hi all, It's me again! :) This time i have something similar to the jd2-openvpn container for you! - Docker container for "rTorrent (with FloodUI) OpenVPN integrated" As the name may says it already this App offers the following features: Starting and maintaining active OpenVPN connection...
  7. H1f0x

    Discussion Docker Path mapping Torrent

    Hi all I successfully created a new docker container which does the following: automatically connects/reconnects OpenVPN Setup rTorrent + Flood as UI Everything is working fine, but before i'm able to release it here I have several questions about the location of downloads. Currently it...
  8. H1f0x

    Trakt.or - Plex TV-Show Library tracker

    Hi all, It's me again :) I created a small application which will automatically fetch all tv-shows in your Plex library and create a list to track the progress on them. The simple web app can do the following for you: creates a summary of which episodes and seasons are missing in your...
  9. H1f0x

    Tixati Torrent Client + OpenVPN

    Hi all, As for JDownloader2, I now created a docker container for Tixati Torrent Client integrated with OpenVPN. Due to the fact, that Tixati has some really simple but curious needs to run inside a docker - honestly... it's super strange! - this docker runs a bit different than the first one...
  10. H1f0x

    [Dev] jDownloader2 OpenVPN integration

    Hi all, Important UPDATE: Wiki-Page: YML: Since the docker container has now been merged with the community app repository. You...
  11. H1f0x

    jDownloader Python Post-Processing

    Hi all, I just created a script which allows you to post process extracted jdownloader2 downloads with the docker container of the community app. It's working, but the code is still ugly - but commented, at last :) I will maybe update the code and publish it on github when i'm done, but in this...
  12. H1f0x

    Discussion portainer on TLD

    Hi all, i just installed on a new system version 8.3.8. Now i have a strange issue i never faced before: - instead of portainer.<>, portainer runs on the tld aka. directly on <> i tried the following: - redeploy portainer - redeploy traefik even after the redployment...
  13. H1f0x

    Discussion PGBlitz 8.0.18 (Failed to create file system for destination)

    Hi all I have seen a closed thread related to this issue, which should be fixed with version 8.0.17 according to Admin. I want to report i have the same issue still with 8.0.18 on Ubuntu. 2019/01/10 11:46:50 INFO : Starting bandwidth limiter at 1000MBytes/s 2019/01/10 11:46:50 INFO ...
  14. H1f0x

    Discussion service sgdrive, stdrive, etc remains inactive: dead

    hi there i have some issues with the sgdrive, stdrive, strcrypt, sgcrypt services. During the install they started up perfectly and everything was working fine, i rebooted the server several times now and noticed the services are not able to start. it just.. hangs. no errors or timeouts, even...
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