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    Discussion Where to find detailed changelog?
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    Discussion PGBlitz move 8.6.6 doesnt work

    But did you redploy after I told you to do it? Because you need to do that then....
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    Discussion Where to find detailed changelog?

    GitHub, there will be a changelog it's just misc bug fixes. Fixes issue when using community apps and PGShield and not being able to protect / unprotect core apps in that case. Fixes issue with pgvault Fixes issue with cleaner pgblitz/move logs format has changed and logs no longer get...
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    Discussion Can't deploy Traefik.. Please help..

    Try rebooting your server, the error message says the port is already in use....
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    pgmove doesn't work

    Redeploy pgclone to fix
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    For that it's because all of the statuses set in the settings are 'wanted', this is true if you installed it before 3 months ago. You may need to review those settings
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    Discussion cloudflare: failed to find zone error in the logs. Traefik isn't deployed properly

    You can't use wildcards. Also it's better to use CNames for subdomains not A records. You also need everything orange clouds. You need to run on SSL in CF as well, you can go strict, turn on HSTS too.
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    It doesn't need updates it works... I use it. However you'll find a lot of stuff won't import due to read seek issues. It's either a bad/incompatible file or a Lazy Librarian bug. You need to connect a downloader and am indexers (providers). You need to add stuff as "Wanted". The download dir...
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    Discussion TDrive Issue

    Update to 8.6.7 and redeploy PGclone to fix this.
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    Getting DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN for oath on Remote Server

    Go through the PGShield wiki. You have to add your domain to the authorized domains list and add authorized redirect url too. It's a configuration issue on your end as PGShield hasn't changed and works fine.
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    Exempt Ombi from PGShield

    FYI this is fixed in 8.6.7
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    rTorrent (FloodUI) OpenVPN integrated

    Ok so this is the problem and everyone will need to reinstall the app to fix but.... /output/incomplete is the issue, that's a bad path and Sonarr/Radarr doesn't have that path, it's not exposed to those apps. Additionally even if you were to expose that path so Arr can see it, it won't import...
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    Discussion pgmove without encryption doesnt upload

    Looks like you made a few threads.... Discord works best if you have an urgent issue. Redeploy pgclone to fix this
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    Discussion problem mount 8.6.5 and also 8.6.6

    Redploy pgclone to fix, it should work now. If it doesn't jump on discord. Even if you tried earlier, do redploy again
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    Discussion PGBlitz bandwidth limit

    BWLimit in pgclone settings. Set to 50M for abt 1/2 of a gig connection
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    Discussion PGBlitz move 8.6.6 doesnt work

    Redploy pgclone will fix it
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    Discussion watchtower container not updating other containers - how to force an update check

    You probably didn't choose the right option during setup. You can either turn on watchtower in the PG settings or you can reinstall the app to get the latest version. Since you want updates, ensure you're on the latest PG (pgupdate), then go into the PG Settings (10) > Watchtower (4)
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    Discussion problem mount 8.6.5 and also 8.6.6

    This means have an abnormal issue, but there's an easy fix. You have data inside /mnt/gdrive that isn't apart of your actual gdrive, it's just files on your disk inside the folder. For some reason you have local files on your HDD inside /mnt/grive, which is not normal. Did you somehow move or...
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    Discussion Uploading 30TB from home via PGBlitz - how?

    yes restart the service, sudo systemctl restart pgblitz
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    Discussion Uploading 30TB from home via PGBlitz - how?

    yeah you must use copy.....
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    Discussion TDrive Issue

    This error can be safely ignored. It means it couldn't unmount clean. Usually do to a system reboot. This is an issue being tracked by rclone. This is just an error during unmount, so it doesn't affect anything. You can run a redeploy of pgclone, which should help with this.
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    Discussion Uploading 30TB from home via PGBlitz - how?

    The command I posted will give you the file to edit. sudo npgblitz The file is: /opt/appdata/plexguide/ No, it will still overwrite. since this is a temp change, shouldn't be a big deal. If you want it permanent, you can make a fork. Keep in mind, once you fork, you get the code as...
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    Discussion /mnt/move gone

    This should be fixed if you redeploy now. BTW if this error occurs then it means that when the service is stopped that folder /mnt/gdrive has folders/files inside it, which isn't a good thing and causes other issues. Redeploying should ensure this issue is fixed by ensuring the mount folders...