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  1. eclipseserena


    The instructions on the wiki seem a bit unclear and I tried using one books with and it did not import the book either ebook or audiobook and upload it to Google Drive I feel like I'm missing a step and I would like someone who has it working properly to maybe post a step-by-step guide on how to...
  2. eclipseserena

    Invites OMGWTFNZBS invite code please

    I don't have any invite to trade but if your able I'd love a slug invite
  3. eclipseserena

    Discussion Pgblitz command not found

    Why does this happen from time to time?
  4. eclipseserena

    Discussion /mnt/move gone

    So now I'm getting this in pgui Fatal error: Directory is not empty: /mnt/gdrive If you want to mount it anyway use: --allow-non-empty option On a fresh install of pgblitz gdrive is not mounting and that screenshot is what I see when deploying mounts
  5. eclipseserena

    Discussion /mnt/move gone

    Your awesome
  6. eclipseserena

    Speed Issues on Hetzner Dedi in Finland

    Probably that 4th one fixed it
  7. eclipseserena

    Discussion /mnt/move gone

    I have installed it on a free image of ubuntu have deployed mounts, navigated to /mnt/ and executed ls and then waited about 2 or 3 minutes and done ls again and seen the move folder gone The screenshot is from before a did a fresh install but the same is happening
  8. eclipseserena

    Discussion /mnt/move gone

    I think your right, I have been pulling my hair out, doing a fresh install of ubuntu and pgblitz and still having this happen, Will this affect the importing of newly downloaded media? Because the Move folder wont exist to move media into?
  9. eclipseserena

    Discussion /mnt/move gone

    Woke up this morning to error in pgui saying cant find directory, I remount gdrive and reboot system, still errors, I check directory structure and notice /mnt/move is not there, I manually recreate and refresh and it's gone again, now I'm stumped still getting errors and I have no clue what to do.
  10. eclipseserena

    Discussion Firefly-iii

    Couldnt seem to get it to connect to mariadb if someone could get this working that would be awesome. It's a personal finance tool
  11. eclipseserena

    Invites WtF[nZb] - Beta testing!

    All taken already.. :(
  12. eclipseserena

    Guides (Official) How to Add Custom Containers to PG

    So I've been looking at the .yml of some community apps and I'm dumbfounded Where in the .yml does it actually pull the docker image or w/e to install the actual app
  13. eclipseserena

    Discussion What are yalls vfs settings for 4k?

    I was using buffer 64 and read cache size 128 but it didnt seem to be good enough for 4k. Had to double both. Just curious what yalls settings are.
  14. eclipseserena

    Discussion Encryption

    If I have non encrypted data on my gdrive and begin using crypt will rclone encrypt the old plus new data ?
  15. eclipseserena

    deluge deamon issue

    apt-get install ufw ufw enable Google:
  16. eclipseserena

    Ideas What docker you want to add in community!!

    I think mattermost would be great Mattermost Team Edition Or maybe some other chat type app that offers encryption
  17. eclipseserena

    Ideas Mattermost

    Has or is anyone able to get mattermost docker integrated as a community app or is there already something similar I overlooked?
  18. eclipseserena

    Keep sb69 or switch ex52nvme

    SB69 stats Dedicated Root Server SB69 * Intel Xeon E5-1650V2 * 2x HDD SATA 2,0 TB Enterprise * 4x RAM 16384 MB DDR3 ECC reg. * NIC 1 Gbit * - Intel I350 * Location: NBG1 * Rescue system (English) Comes to $65.69 Ex52 nvme Comes to $61.18...
  19. eclipseserena

    Discussion Low plex bandwidth

    When using a speedtest from my home device to the hetzner dedi I am able to max out my home connection speed of 300mb down.. but when watching on plex and watching the plex dashboard and netdata it seems it spikes to maybe 70mb tops and hovers around 35mb the rest of the time, which results in...
  20. eclipseserena

    plex server go's down every time library scans

    I am running into this today same critical error libusb_init failed using plexpass version
  21. eclipseserena

    Discussion Confused noob in regards to paths

    Sorry if I sound dumb, but I'm confused how the moving of files is supposed to work, I have plex libraries in /mnt/unionfs/Plex/Movies /mnt/unionfs/Plex/4K Movies /mnt/unionfs/Plex/TV Shows As my GDrive is organized as /root/Plex/... How is Radarr and Sonarr supposed to know to eventually...
  22. eclipseserena

    Discussion ERROR! playbooks must be a list of plays

    I am trying to use traefik to reverse proxy Plex with cloudflare, I'm almost positive I have everything in cloudflare setup properly. When i go to plex.TLD.LIFE it gives a 404 not found. When I check traefik logs there are no logs...