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  1. kamos69

    Invites [W] OMGWTFNZBS [H] Drunkenslug

    So the omgwtfnzbs invite window is starting, I'd like to trade my Drunkenslug invite for a omgwtfnzbs invite. Happy to receive on for free if anyone is keen.
  2. kamos69

    Discussion Rclone 1.4.8 released

    I tested Multi-Threaded downloads. IT WORKS! I was able to max out my Hetzner line. I suggest we use Multi-Threading for downloads of backups, especially Plex, it can take a while if you have a large library.
  3. kamos69

    Invites OMG Invite Window

    So what does this mean? Do members on the site get a certain number of invites that they can use during this period?
  4. kamos69

    Discussion Traefik Deployment failed

    Update: My Traefik issue seems to have resolved itself. I suspect I must have hit some threshold or limit which caused the error. The one thing I couldn't figure out was where the Traefik logs are. If someone could post the location I'd appreciate it.
  5. kamos69

    Discussion Traefik Deployment failed

    I restarted my server after it had been running for a while. I noticed that I couldn't access Portainer and then I got the Traefik error when I ran 'sudo pgblitz', so I deployed Traefik again. My Traefik deployment fails on the step where it creates the container: TASK [Deploy Traefik]...
  6. kamos69

    Invites /PlexShares

    PlexShare is filled with Pay2Share services. What you're asking for is that people who advertise their services there do it here. I don't think that's a good idea. The guys who run proper operations don't advertise their services and most likely won't reveal themselves here.
  7. kamos69

    Chat Benchmark for Plex/Emby

    I don't think there is any benchmark that definitively shows how well a server or VPS will transcode Plex streams. The best guide is the one published by Plex themselves on their support page: You can determine...
  8. kamos69

    Invites WtF[nZb] - Beta testing!

    Used 4ff3115f246665e1937d20ef70f1fa9d6954cb33 Thanks!
  9. kamos69

    Invites OMG Invite Window
  10. kamos69

    Plex database lock + crash when moving libraries

    In anticipation of /unionfs/ being removed in 8.7, I have started adding /mnt/unionfs/ as a directory to the various libraries. I added /mnt/unionfs/movies to the "Movies" library and it did a full scan (took 1 day for movies and 3 days for TV). Now, when I try to remove /unionfs/movies/ the...
  11. kamos69

    Invites LuluNZB open for registration today

    Thanks. I signed up. $10 for a lifetime membership is a sweet deal.
  12. kamos69

    Discussion Workaround for 24 hour ban on playback (403 errors) when using pgblitz

    Thanks for this! I've been refreshing my libraries recently and have hit the 403 temp ban a few times this week. If only I'd thought of this, makes so much sense.
  13. kamos69

    Discussion [REQUEST] Script To Move Items between libraries AND scan individual items

    I have a massive Plex library. Performing a scan on that library always triggers a 403 rate limit with Google. So scanning a whole library is not an option. I use plex_autoscan to scan new items added to the library (feeder is separate from main server). Here is my problem. A while back, I...
  14. kamos69

    Discussion channelx Supercharging Jellyfin: .strm straight from google drive.

    This is awesome! Is there a guide or write up somewhere, I'd like to try this out.
  15. kamos69

    How to handle torrents?

    That's my thought exactly. I have an HNR (hit&run) warning for over 50 torrents, which is why I tried to test the change first.
  16. kamos69

    How to handle torrents?

    Has anyone confirmed that this worked? I just did a quick test using: find "/mnt/downloads" -mindepth 2 -type f -cmin +100 $(printf "! -name %s " $(cat /opt/pgclone/functions/exclude)) -size +1M and it didn't work. Rutorrent still showed up.
  17. kamos69

    Guides NZBGet Performance Tips

    Recently I've been playing with settings in NZBGet to squeeze out as much performance as possible on my machine without affecting stability. This is a quick guide to help others that want to improve performance. Disclaimer: The information here is subjective and completely dependent on your...
  18. kamos69

    Plex Library Update interval with GCE

    PG Scan is coming in version 8.9. Until then, you can use the plex_autoscan. I have a feeder using PG Blitz encrypted and a main server. With blitz, most movies and tv shows upload in less than 10 mins. Set the wait time in plex_autoscan to 600 seconds and you're good to go. PM me if you need...
  19. kamos69

    Discussion All torrents finished but gone gone after a while

    This is a known issue for torrents. Have a read through this thread:
  20. kamos69

    Invites [H] DrunkenSlug trade for [W] OMGWTFNZB

    Thanks but I am already a member at DogNZB.
  21. kamos69

    Discussion HW transcoding from Docker - solution for Hetzner dedicated and info for other servers

    On a different note, is there anyone that has actually load tested igpu? How many concurrent transcodes can it handle? On my server it couldn't do more than 25 1080p concurrent transcodes before it would crash.
  22. kamos69

    Discussion HW transcoding from Docker - solution for Hetzner dedicated and info for other servers

    This happens if you install Plex before you make the config changes to the server. The Plex recipe does a check to see if the /dev/dri folder is accessible, if it isn't, then it doesn't add the path to the container. If you redeploy Plex the path will be added to the container.
  23. kamos69

    How to handle torrents?

    Man, I was wondering why Rutorrent downloads were disappearing. I would suggest to rather exclude torrent folders from the cleanup script or only include usenet clients. I trust Rutorrent to clean up files with Ratio Rules, etc. Maybe get the cleaner to ONLY clean nzbget: find...