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    Discussion PG VPN Server

    will the vpn in the menu run with the reverse proxy working? Do you initiate Traefik first or the VPN?
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    Discussion Ubuntu OS

    will pablitz install on ubuntu server 18.04.2? SB
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    Discussion Multi HD Edition

    I am doing a new install on my dedicated home server. I would like to use the multi HD edition. question, should i go ahead and use mergerfs to pool my hard drives before installing (PGBlitz) Plexguide or does the program do that for me? the drives are already identified and mounted in linux. A...
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    Discussion Plexguide + local USB drive

    I am about to do some upgrades to my server. If i spin up a hetzner instance of Plexguide can i direct the output to a local 2TB USB drive for a few days? Weeks?
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    ? Multi HDD edition

    Am trying to set up Plexguide on local server (ubuntu 18.04 server lts) with pooled storage (mergerfs/snapraid). Storage pool is mounted at /home/*****/media. Having problems with finding target folders for downloaded files and their permissions. Which forum would be the best place to ask these...
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    Question about Sonarr

    Sonar gives response "Folder not writable by user abc.....". How do I get around this? your help is appreciated.
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    ZFS Drive Array

    I want to run a dedicated home theater (Plex) server on ubuntu 18.04 server and use a ZFS raidz1 drive pool. is that possible.
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