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    Plex DVR with TDrive

    I currently have a plex server running on a WD PR2100. I recently decided to move away from that to a Intel NUC running Plexguide. The only part that I have yet to move is the Plex DVR (recording from a HD HomeRun Quatro) which I use to record things that I can get OTA but not from usenet...
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    Guides HOWTO: Cleanup leftover files in /mnt/download/nzbget directory

    I tried this and I still don't see TIDYIT in the left pane after Reload. Am I looking in the right place?
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    qBittorrent (with OpenVPN, Privoxy) [Community App]

    @chaoszero112 Thank you for the info! I've added the label you suggested but I still get the Bad Gateway error. Do you think I should destroy traefik and redeploy for the changes to take effect? Maybe I should rename the CNAME on my DNS record from qbittorrent to "qbittorrentvpn"?
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    qBittorrent (with OpenVPN, Privoxy) [Community App]

    @davedap2 How did you drop the bridge network? my qbittorrent works until I set VPN_Enabled to yes and then I can reach the webUI due to "bad gateway".
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    qBittorrent-VPN Environment Variables

    Thanks, @DrgnFyre and @notorius28 It looks like I have it set up now. I selected Neatherlands as my connection for my .OVPN file and I see the VPN provider IP starting with 212 in the logs. The only thing that looks off (different from the WIKI article) is that qbittorent-vpn is listing on...
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    Discussion Multiple acme challenge TXT files on Godaddy

    @Cthe1 That worked! Thank you!
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    Ideas Tautulli Multi Server edition

    Question for everyone... Do I uninstall the PGBlitz tautulli version and then install this one? I had tautulli installed but not set up yet and then I ran across this post, so I uninstalled it, following the step by step instructions from the first post with the pasting into the...
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    Guides how to add additional Plex plugins

    @Universe Were you able to figure out how to add other Plex plugins to the docker container? I want to add a subtitle plugin called SubZero, but I can't figure out how to access the plugin folder for Plex. I can do it on a normal linux install, but I'm not familiar with docker.
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    qBittorrent-VPN Environment Variables

    @DrgnFyre Thank you! I'm gonna try that tomorrow!
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    Discussion Multiple acme challenge TXT files on Godaddy

    When I deploy Traefik, I get 2 acme challenge txt files in godaddy. I don't know which one is the correct one, but when I try to delete one of them, the other goes NULL. I do have two A records in godaddy (1 for my external IP from my cable provided and 1 for my internal IP for my pgblitz...
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    qBittorrent-VPN Environment Variables

    I'm hoping someone can help me. I installed qbittorrent-VPN but I can't figure out how to set the Environment Variables according to the github wiki. Any ideas?
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    Discussion Do you run your GCE 24/7 or shut it down?

    I'm glad I came by this post because I was thinking of doing the same thing. I'm using GCE but the $300 credit isn't going to last 3 months... Mine is using about $7 per day. I like the GCE, but don't really need it consuming credits 24/7 and at that cost, it might be better for me to invest...