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    Discussion How do I change GCE account?

    Awesome! Thanks man. Sorry to pull you away
  2. stayupthetree

    Discussion How do I change GCE account?

    This is the error I am getting ERROR: There was a problem with web authentication. ERROR: (gcloud.auth.login) invalid_requestMissing required parameter: code
  3. stayupthetree

    Discussion How do I change GCE account?

    I am on the deployment page and need to change the account to my new account with the credits
  4. stayupthetree

    Discussion Seeking guidance on Syncing and gdrive

    I download particular files on my server that I want to sync locally, but also store on the gdrive because I only have about 150gb of free space or so. I am trying syncthing. Just trying to wrap my head around. Is it possible to store a syncthing folder on gdrive? Would I just need to make the...
  5. stayupthetree

    Sonarr can't connect to nzbhydra2 after enabling AppGuard

    18-12-28 04:40:16.2|Warn|HttpClient|HTTP Error - Res: [GET] https://nzbhydra2..nope.net443/api?t=caps&apikey=(removed) 401.Unauthorized 401 Unauthorized
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    Discussion PGBlitz SA Accounts not uploading

    Same. Something is breaking. Sonarr and Radarr are suddenly showing as files missing as well
  7. stayupthetree

    Discussion security certificates?

    How long does it take for certs to kick in? If I go to anything other than IP( it gives me Your connection is not private Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID
  8. stayupthetree

    Password Protect Rutorrent

    I've repeated these steps multiple times, even removing /config/ from the one line as it doesn't mesh with the rest. All I get is "403 FOrbidden"
  9. stayupthetree

    Subdomains not working

    I've done that a few time already, but did it again updating to stable. reinstalling one of the apps and it is now working. Now to reinstall one by one. Thanks for your help.
  10. stayupthetree

    Subdomains not working

    Got the wildcard part. Looking at the labels, I think that might be the issue, they all show * No worries on the delay, I appreciate the assistance.
  11. stayupthetree

    Subdomains not working

    I am not sure what I am looking for under portainer. And my brain is freezing on the wild card bit
  12. stayupthetree

    Subdomains not working

    used legit email address Going to IP and port works Enable both methods? I have rebooted I haven't changed anything on the domain side since the last time I had installed and the reverse proxies were working
  13. stayupthetree

    Subdomains not working

    I installed PG several weeks ago, everything was fine. I messed up something with HTTPs and just decided it would be easier to start over. So I did, but now subdomains don't work anymore. All I get is "404 page not found"
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    Same for me, I updated PG, then after everything was not HTTPS