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    [PLEX] TV posters are no longer being scraped from TVDB

    I'm seeing the same behavior. Might just be a bug today.
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    Discussion Data usage from PlexDrive

    When plex does its scans, it doesn't download the whole file, just the header. I wonder if Infuse is trying to read the whole file to analyze or something. I would stick with basic plex if you're oging to use plexdrive
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    subdomains are not working

    # add comment sybols in the front of each line to turn off https:// redirect [entryPoints.http.redirect] entryPoint = "https" I deleted this change on lines 27-29 and now it's working. Something is broken here, but I'm unfamiliar with Traefik. Good luck :)
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    subdomains are not working

    Do you have a remote server you can setup from scratch with a domain? Even after fixing the comma I'm still running into issues connecting.
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    subdomains are not working

    My domains are def setup right. They were working fine. There is a comma missing after the oobiquity Domain
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    subdomains are not working

    There is a comma missing after one of the domains. I put it in place in the traefik.toml file and now I'm getting further, but the server is now redirecting too many times.
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    subdomains are not working

    2018/02/26 17:12:26 Error reading TOML config file /etc/traefik/traefik.toml : Near line 71 (last key parsed ''): expected a comma or array terminator ']', but got '"' instead
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    subdomains are not working

    I'm having the same problem. It was working prior to the plexdrive update.
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    Discussion Plex Indirect after Claim

    Yes. The token request has to originate from the same IP as the server, tho. So with a remote server, you will probably have issues.
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    Preupload Content to Google Drive

    If you have the speed to upload that fast from home, you're well ahead of a lot of us. It is much faster for some to download everything fresh and upload from remote servers. It would take me a month to do a TB.
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    Ideas Backup / Restore - Permissions

    I'll look into forking and switching it to tarballs. It preserves directory structure and permissions (v v important)
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    Ideas Backup / Restore - Permissions

    tar will allow for saving permissions and directory structure. it's built for linux and works well for that. zip loses permissions i believe.
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    Discussion Plex - Remote Access

    I have no issues claiming the server. It's that the server's address isn't getting published to plex hq.
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    Thanks man! Really appreciate the work you're putting into this.

    Thanks man! Really appreciate the work you're putting into this.