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    Plex - No soup for you!

    Sorry to go slightly off topic. I have no idea how to fix your problem. But was curious as to what you are using as a feeder box set up wise? thanks
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    Solved installation issue <Solved>

    mine still not working. get the following error when trying 8.5.4 . TASK [Restart All Docker Containers] ********************************************************************* Saturday 23 February 2019 14:40:43 +0100 (0:00:00.109) 0:00:09.022 ***** fatal: []: FAILED! =>...
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    Solved installation issue <Solved>

    I'm getting the same errors on fresh Hetzner . Also this one An exception occurred during task execution. To see the full traceback, use -vvv. The error was: docker.errors.NotFound: 404 Client Error: Not Found ("network plexguide not found") fatal: []: FAILED! => {"changed": false...
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    Discussion Hetzner sever

    sounds like this could be the problem. I think once I have built up the content and no really significant downloading will be done except for updates to re-occurring shows and the odd new movie release i could get away with switching to the EX42.
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    Discussion redploying apps

    I see a lot of messages here about re deploying apps after certain updates etc. Does redeploying the apps overwrite the existing userdata. Basically Ive been experiencing issues with plex (mainly around sync not working) also missing metadata. I was going to redeploy having upgraded PG many...
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    Discussion Hetzner sever

    im thinking of upgrading to this. Currently running a auction server i3770 but with 24TB of storage to store some local content as well. find it a little laggy. Do you find you have enough space for the downloading of content until it uploads to Gsuite? I need to start the migration of my...
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    Discussion Jellyfin - Gsuite benefits

    Im guessing PG could be used with Jellyfin in the same way as Plex with all the benefits the scripts bring. - Gsuite / UnionFS the whole recognizing the file immediately before its uploaded to Gsuite and all the benefits etc. Secondly if a file is uploaded to Gsuite before being correctly...
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    Discussion mp4 automator

    Can i ask what the above ini file is and how to use it to automate files to MP4. Also any idea on time to process on an i7 hetzner server? thanks
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    New install - Sab/Get not connecting

    Seems to have resolved it self. Coincidence timing meant it appeared to be linked to traefik. All working now
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    New install - Sab/Get not connecting

    i think i managed to disable via portainer. and can now connect. Guess ill disable Traefik for now
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    New install - Sab/Get not connecting

    Hi there. I have had to restart from scratch with PG due to a problem I hit. I have fresh install of 8.3.7 - deployed Traefik along with SAB and Radarr but for the life of me I can not get Sab or NZBGet to connect to my usenet server. Keeps saying 502 authentication error. Although initial...
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    Discussion file disappear?

    I am experiencing this and seem to have duplicate files see attached screen shots below the folder : seems to be where everything is now going to and i cant delete it or anything. files appear in plex then disappear
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    Discussion Hetzner server with PG

    All. Some progress. Files now downloading and uploading (albeit slowly) from test VPS server. I have hit one snag. I go through the process of installing plex - claim the server etc...however using the VPS IP i keep getting my (existing remote server home page) and not the wizard to set up...
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    Sabnzbd - no incomplete folder

    After testing for a few days i wiped my VPS and went to install PG properly. Went to install again today noticed the version of PG had updated to 8.2.4 (i think) any way Sab Cannot create directory /mnt/incomplete/sabnzbd and it keeps repeating the same error over and over. Also due to...
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    Discussion Nothing moving - Noob

    Hi all - trying Plexguide out on a Hetzner VPS test machine before getting dedicated . idea is to connect to Gsuite. - never used Gsuite before. I have Radarr / sonarr etc all downloading lovely to /mnt/unionsf/moves/(filename) but they are not going anywhere after that. Nothing shows...