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  1. jthander

    Discussion Moving installation / container location?

    Well, for posterity, I figured this out, sort of - I am using oneprovider Based on this clue: I moved my opt directory to /home/opt 1. Stop all docker containers : docker kill $(docker ps -q) 2. Move my opt directory to...
  2. jthander

    Discussion Moving installation / container location?

    Hi, all. The installation went swimmingly (so I thought), and have got nearly everything configured to my liking. I've also just completed moving several TB over to Google encrypted- so that's all good! The issue I'm having is running out of space on my primary drive. My current server is setup...
  3. jthander

    Hi everyone. I'm Jane

    Hi, all. Stumbled on this forum from Reddit. I currently have a small seedbox at and run a home server on a QNAP NAS that is rapidly running out of space. I'm looking to create a cloud hosted version for better performance - just for a few family members. Looking forward to getting...